DJ Benhameen

DJ Ben-Ha-Meen is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Actually he invented sliced bread so he can be considered the greatest thing ever. 3 out of 5 school children agree. Raised in the Dirty South he could be considered a southern gentleman if he wasn’t such a two faced rat bastard. Oh wait that’s you. Benhameen moved from the swamps of the South to Washington DC and Howard University to complete his training like Luke Skywalker to the Dagobah system. After receiving his light saber he moved to Brooklyn where he now writes film scripts, produces children’s books, and plots to take over the world with his High Flyers Club family. Saint, Good Samaritan, friend of the common man… Ben-Ha-Meen is none of these. World Class DJ, Half-Time Poet, and alleged sneaker pimp? Now that is Ben-Ha-Meen.

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